Terms & Conditions

How to Join the Kids Club
To become a member of the Kids Club, a Caregiver must:

  • fully complete a Kids Club application form available at southshorecentre.com/kids-club/kids-club-signup
  • check the box within the on-line Kids Club application form to confirm that the Caregiver agrees to the Terms and Conditions below
  • submit the completed Kids Club application form electronically at southshorecentre.com/kids-club/kids-club-signup
  • upon receipt and processing of the Kids Club application form, the Member's details will be included in the Kids Club database maintained by the Centre and the email address provided on the Kids Club application form will be added to the Kids Club email distribution list

Eligibility to Join the Kids Club
To be eligible to join the Kids Club, a Member must

  • be a resident of Nova Scotia;
  • be 12 years of age or younger
  • have the consent of their parent or guardian to join the Kids Club

Each member will receive a special Kids Club membership card, discount offers, email newsletter and a birthday card during his/her birthday month which may be printed and presented at the South Shore Centre Management Office for a coupon for a free gift to be redeemed directly at the retailer listed. The member shall also receive notification of special Kids Club events, activities and programs together with discounts or coupon offers from South Shore Centre and its retailers or marketing partners. There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE to join South Shore Centre’s Kids Club program.

Future Changes or Termination
South Shore Centre reserves the right to cancel, change or terminate South Shore Centre’s Kids Club program or events at any time without notice.

Use of Information
By filling out the application, parents or guardians (“Applicant”) consent to the use of member’s name, address, telephone number, email and other information provided (including the child’s name and age – but not the date of birth) when the child is enrolled in the Kids Club program. Please contact the South Shore Centre Management Office to change your address, telephone number or email address. South Shore Centre will only use your child’s first name and first initial of the last name for purposes of sending out the birthday card and publishing in the birthday list in the newsletter.

Property of South Shore Centre
All Kids Club designs, text, images, photographs, artwork and graphic designs are the property of South Shore Centre.

Limitation of Liability
In no event shall South Shore Centre be liable for incidental damages or have any liability to the Applicant or Kids Club members and/or any third party claiming through Applicant or Kids Club members relating to or arising out of the operation, administration or termination of the Kids Club program or these Terms and Conditions. Each Applicant and child member of the Kids Club agree to participate in special event activities at their own risk and hereby release to the full extent permitted by law South Shore Centre and its agents, servants, contractors, employees and lessees from all claims and demands of every kind or nature for injuries to persons or property resulting from any accident, damage or injury occurring therein. South Shore Centre shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any personal property of Applicant or members of the Kids Club.

Privacy Policy
Home and email addresses are for the sole use by South Shore Centre for communicating with the members of the Kids Club program and their families. Addresses and emails will not be shared with a third party at any time. There is no fee for participating in the Kids Club program; however photos and videos may be taken at any time and used in promotion for future events and on social media sites. By applying for the Kids Club program, Applicant hereby authorize South Shore Centre to use photographs or videos of its child(ren) for future Kids Club program events, for promotion of future events and on social media sites. To be removed from our mailing list(s) please contact the South Shore Centre Management Office at 902-543-8867.